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10/11/2018 0 Comments

Sabrina and Ken @ Gaither Plantation

Sabrina, not one to go on blind dates, brought her best friend with her to the movie theater in Conyers to meet Ken for the first time. And, Ken just wasn’t sure that Sabrina would be interested in him but was thrilled that she contacted him after this movie date; the texting and talking to each other began. Since Ken was in the Marine Corps when they first met, their time together was limited to his leave time or when he could get home to Georgia on weekends. Six months after that first date, Ken proposed on August 29, 2013; Sabrina wisely said “yes.” Ken’s tour of service ended in February of 2016; after returning to Georgia, our couple got a house together and began making plans for their wedding.

Ken loves that Sabrina is a country girl who likes fishing, bonfires and who doesn’t mind getting “dirty.” He does not see himself with anyone but her and is looking forward to building their home and lives together. Sabrina appreciates how much Ken makes her laugh, even when she is sad. She also sees Ken her rock, her everything; she has learned that after going through several rough patches together, he will always be by her side. She appreciates all the “little things” he does for her and how good he is to her. Sabrina is looking forward to many more adventures with Ken, such as traveling to the mountains to chase waterfalls, to getting their home fixed up, to having family cookouts, and growing together as a couple.